Software Engineer for TiKV

PingCAP -

Beijing , China

Posted 5 years ago


  1. Solid development experience on distributed systems, understanding distributed transactions and consensus algorithms like Paxos or Raft.
  2. Development experience on high performance services, knowledge of performance testing and system optimisation based on relevant profile tools such as FlameGraph.
  3. Testing experience on distributed systems, knowledge of how to create corner cases of distributed environments and verification of system stability.
  4. Familiar with Rust or C or C++.
  5. Knowledge of Go is a plus.


  1. TiKV kernel development, including but not limited to core functions of Raft, distributed transactions and Coprocessor
  2. TiKV distributed testing, creating corner cases to ensure the system stability and reliability
  3. Performance optimization of TiKV, including but not limited to the optimization of applications and Linux system
  4. Placement Driver development and optimization of cluster management

How to apply

Remember to mention that you found the job on RustJobs.