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Between Lines Ltd -

London, UK

Posted 5 years ago

Job description

Between Lines is the company behind Intecture, the server management tool for developers. What makes Intecture great is that it’s just an API library. Intecture doesn’t use DSLs, it doesn’t hide the execution of your code (hello, debugger!), it doesn’t reformat it, prod it, lick it or Rick-roll it, nor are there convoluted workflows or 15 levels of attribute precedence. You write some code using Intecture’s API to do the heavy lifting, then you run it, then you drop the mic.

Intecture is written in Rust and proudly open source. We have an FFI, C headers and a PHP binding, though we’re keen to add support for more languages as we go. To talk to stuff, we use ZeroMQ.

As Intecture’s author and company director (junior vice president), I’m looking for a Rust legend and cofounder to take over technical authority for Intecture while I focus on business development. The company has a seed-round funding deal on the table so you're not working for high-fives and free compliments. We’re offering a competitive salary plus equity share.

What you’ll be doing

Intecture is a functioning tool that you can download and use yourself. In order to make it even easier for people to get onboard, we want to host most of Intecture’s components ourselves, making them multi-tenancy and improving our developers’ experience from zero to managed.

You’ll also be responsible for Intecture’s rebirth as an event-driven tool, focussing on implementing Tokio to handle server events and making them programmable. We’ll need to get down and dirty with a number of OSes and their kernels to suck out the juicy stuff, write algorithms to parse data streams efficiently and develop communication protocols that are reliable and scalable. The challenge, and the fun, is to wrap all of this up in an API that developers want to use. I have some thoughts on all this! :)

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